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Most Trusted Woodstock Tree Removal Service

Tree removalSCS Trees is based in Woodstock and offers premier tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, land clearing, Dozer being used by landscapers to remove chips and debris after tree stump was grinded out.deadwood removal, tree removal to businesses and homes.

What really sets us apart from our competitors is definitely our trusted reliability and pricing. We are miles ahead of other tree service companies in Woodstock, Georgia when it comes to those characteristics.

Our tree removal technicians are all fully bonded, insured and licensed. We pride ourselves in providing customers the strictest standards from the tree service industry.

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Woodstock GA Tree Cutting Tips

Forest after fireTree cutting service in Woodstock is one of the most dangerous professions that there is to do. You must learn how to properly handle and manipulate the tree removal equipment in order to maintain your safety. If you’re not able to hire a tree removal company, you’ll have to do the job yourself. These tips may help you to keep everything running smoothly. Use The Right Equipment for Tree Removal
Before you begin your tree cutting project, you’ll need to learn how to properly cut trees and ensure that you have the proper equipment to fell the tree.

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Learn The 3 Steps Of Tree Removal In Marietta

felled trees in the parkFelling With A Chainsaw Is An Important Part Of The Tree Removal Process As far as felling a tree is concerned, it refers to getting a tree to fall down by cutting it with a chain saw or a handsaw. However, felling a tree using a hand saw or chainsaw takes a lot of planning in, Marietta Tree Removal and it should be well thought through before starting.
Don’t ever try this as a homeowner, it is important that you have an experienced tree professional operate a chainsaw.

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3 Reasons For Hiring A Professional Tree Service In Roswell GA

NX_chainsaw_sideRoswell, Georgia Quality Tree Removal Service Everybody wants to have their Roswell, Georgia trees and lawns looking their best at all times, and for good reason. Homeowners should take pride in their properties. Remember the old saying about a man’s home being his castle. So shouldn’t your cherished property get the royal treatment? There are times when you might need something more than just regular lawn care. We have come across lots of properties where the hedges were trimmed well and grass was well cut, but there were just a couple of Trees that seemed off, and it wasn’t something that couldn’t be fixed by our team of professional tree removal technicians.

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Crepe Myrtle Pruning By Marietta Tree Service Pros

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Service Company In Marietta To Prune Your Crepe Myrtles A Satisfied Marietta Tree Service Customer’s Story Crepe Myrtles are by far one of my favorite ornamental trees, and I always swore I’d line my driveway with them one day, and you know what, I did! What I didn’t realize was how important proper pruning is in order to end up with the shape tree you want, and avoiding your crepe myrtles turning into a large bush. Proper pruning and trimming is key to ensuring that they grow well, and in the shape that you want. My first instinct was to just trim them myself, and after a few botched attempts and crepe myrtles that looked more like giant bushes, I hired the Top Rated Tree Service Professionals In Marietta and it was well worth the cost

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How Marietta Tree Service Experts Prepare For Storms

Broken Tree After Storm
Apparently, trees are extremely important and have always been necessary for improving the human condition.

Since the beginning, trees have furnished humans with of life’s essential, oxygen and food. As the human evolved, trees provided additional necessities that included shelter, tools and medicine. The importance of trees has continued to grow as their roles continue to satisfy the needs created by modern lifestyles.

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Marietta Tree Removal Services Prepare For Winter

dead tree removal Marietta, GATrees can transform your property from a barren space to an area filled with life, providing shade during the summer, and beautiful colors in the fall.
However, if a tree dies, it is important to remove it from your property as quickly as possible so that it does not cause damage or injuries to you, your family or your neighbors. The following section takes a closer look at some of the many dangers that dead trees can pose.Accidents Or Injuries From Falling Dead Trees
Unlike living wood that is flexible and supple, dead wood is brittle and can crack or break easily. You never know when a branch may snap and fall, posing a serious threat to anyone who happens to get in the way of the falling limb.

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Marietta Tree Pros Find Hollow Tree Trunks

Old mighty oak tree in Latvian countrysideExamine Your Trees

If you own a piece or property, then you need to be able to identify the signs of any potential tree hazards. Many property owners have called our team at SCS Trees to provide them with a certified tree professional that can identify any potential tree hazards.

There are a few things homeowners can look out for when it comes to identifying tree hazards, and some of those things will be discussed in the rest of this article.

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How To Spot Tree Damage In Woodstock GA

Woodstock-Tree-DamageNever be deterred from calling in a professional tree removalist or a Certified Arborist if serious doubts about a particular tree’s health arises. In fact, it is wise to have an arborist check your trees on a yearly or seasonal basis, depending on how many are on your property and depending on any serious exposure to inclement weather those trees may have had.

Still, it is easy to spot check trees and know when they are still healthy and do not yet require a call to a professional. There are four basic things to look for when conducting your own tree inspection.

Before learning these four things, always be forewarned and forearmed. A perfectly healthy tree can be rendered unstable due to storms, ice accumulation or heavy gusts of wind. Any inspection prior to a weather event that you have done yourself to determine the good health of a tree may become essentially void if that tree has been exposed to serious weather conditions. Trees are never 100 percent stable for this reason.

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Tips On Oaks From Woodstock GA Tree Service Experts

Oak-Tree-service-in-GeorgaThe native oaks that grow in our region require truly special care. Their roots share soil with the fungus Amillaria. This fungus lives off of oak roots. In some regions, this particular fungus will remain dormant during hot, dry weather, but it experiences a resurgence when winter rains arrive.

During the dry months, these Woodstock Oak Trees do not need or tolerate irrigation. If irrigation is applied near their trunks, the Amillaria will grow as a result of the warmth and water. While the tree continues to mature, any continued watering around the trunk will foster the fungal infection and this, in turn, will cause the tree to die.

If the tree does not die, it could still fall over because of having too few roots to secure it from top to bottom. This would pose a serious hazard to anyone near the tree. Here are additional steps to take to care for native oaks:

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