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Marietta’s Tree Service Wants To Protect Your Home

trunk with moss and mushroomsTop 3 Reasons To Hire Quality Tree Removal Services In Marietta, Georgia Everyone wants their lawns and their property looking its absolute best, and why not? People should take pride in their home property. The old saying goes that every man’s home is his castle, so why not give your beloved property the royal treatment? Sometimes you need a little bit more than conventional lawn care. We’ve seen plenty of properties where the grass was well cut and the hedges were well trimmed, but you could just tell a few things were off and no amount of surface maintenance would fix it. If you have a large dead tree in your yard or a string of sickly trees on your property, they’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Affordable Tree Removal Marietta

Damage from Tree before tree removal As a homeowner you have a lot of responsibility to maintain and take care of your property. Not only with things like painting the house and mowing the lawn, but there’s proper tree care also.

Some trees if not correctly taken care of can grow out of control and cause serious safety concerns. Trees need to be properly pruned and frequently assessed by an arborist. If the tree is dead or dying it can fall or start loosing limbs that may cause injuries to people or damage your property.

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Time For Fall Marietta Tree Service Cleanup

Ice damaged treeAs a homeowner, you need to do everything that you possibly can to keep your home and property looking good as well as safe for your family and guests. When the autumn weather hits, you will need to take your trees around your home into serious consideration. Proper fall Marietta tree service is the best way for you to be able to ensure that your yard is going to not only stay beautiful but also remain protected. The winter months can take a toll on your property if you do not plan ahead. We can be there to provide you with the ultimate in tree care so that your trees have the ability to fully revive and then flourish once again after spring comes about.

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The Importance of Proper Tree Pruning

SCS Trees - Tree Pruning InformationOne thing that many homeowners fail to consider when they move into a new property is how they will maintain the trees that are scattered throughout the property. To many people, trees are the ultimate in low-maintenance garden accessories. While it’s true that trees don’t need regular care in the same way that a lawn, pond or small bush might, they do need to be pruned periodically, otherwise their growth may suffer and they could become a danger to your home.

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Thumbtack Partnership

Thumbtack-Logo-2SCS Trees is proud to have partnered up with Thumbtack as a trusted partner in connecting homeowners and consumers with professional service companies around the country.
Thumbtack is a trusted marketplace where consumers can find, compare, and book local services. By making it easier, more affordable, and safer than ever before to purchase services, they are transforming a broad swath of the service sector much as eBay and Amazon have done for products.
Thumbtack has established itself as a leading consumer and safety advocate in the local service market by automatically vetting each provider as well as offering additional consumer protection tools including identity verification, criminal background screens, professional license checks, and customer testimonials and reviews.

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The Trusted Source For Tree Removal Acworth GA

best tree removal company in acworth gaIf your yard has been the victim of a storm, disease, or simply one of the droughts, you may need to get some trees removed or cut back. In fact, you might have already had a few guys knock on your door to offer you this service. Maybe these guys had a truck and a chainsaw, but are they really tree removal professionals? You should know that tree removal can be a risky and dangerous job, and it is best left to professionals who work for reliable businesses. You need a top Acworth tree removal company like SCS Trees.

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Welcome to SCS Tree Service

SCS-Logo-Full-CLEAR-500wWelcome to SCS Tree Service At SCS Tree Service we specialize in tree removal and tree services in Marietta, Acworth, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Canton and most areas in Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton Counties. We know the importance of proper tree care and maintenance and offer our services at an affordable price. From emergency tree removal to pruning and trimming, SCS Tree Service is the best choice for professional and efficient service. Locally owned and operated, we are fully insured and offer a number of services to address your tree service needs as well as other landscaping issues you may need addressed. Tree Removal – We will cut and haul away any dying, dangerous and unwanted trees. Tree Pruning – We will trim back branches to allow proper growth and also remove any dangerous limbs.

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