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How To Spot Tree Damage In Woodstock GA

Woodstock-Tree-DamageNever be deterred from calling in a professional tree removalist or a Certified Arborist if serious doubts about a particular tree’s health arises. In fact, it is wise to have an arborist check your trees on a yearly or seasonal basis, depending on how many are on your property and depending on any serious exposure to inclement weather those trees may have had.

Still, it is easy to spot check trees and know when they are still healthy and do not yet require a call to a professional. There are four basic things to look for when conducting your own tree inspection.

Before learning these four things, always be forewarned and forearmed. A perfectly healthy tree can be rendered unstable due to storms, ice accumulation or heavy gusts of wind. Any inspection prior to a weather event that you have done yourself to determine the good health of a tree may become essentially void if that tree has been exposed to serious weather conditions. Trees are never 100 percent stable for this reason.

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Tips On Oaks From Woodstock GA Tree Service Experts

Oak-Tree-service-in-GeorgaThe native oaks that grow in our region require truly special care. Their roots share soil with the fungus Amillaria. This fungus lives off of oak roots. In some regions, this particular fungus will remain dormant during hot, dry weather, but it experiences a resurgence when winter rains arrive.

During the dry months, these Woodstock Oak Trees do not need or tolerate irrigation. If irrigation is applied near their trunks, the Amillaria will grow as a result of the warmth and water. While the tree continues to mature, any continued watering around the trunk will foster the fungal infection and this, in turn, will cause the tree to die.

If the tree does not die, it could still fall over because of having too few roots to secure it from top to bottom. This would pose a serious hazard to anyone near the tree. Here are additional steps to take to care for native oaks:

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Ivy, Marietta Georgia’s Backstabbing Beauty

Ivy-removal-from-fences Ivy is one of those classic elements people romanticize as it climbs up and around an old tree.

The tree will have a different story about it, as the ivy’s presence releases moisture into the bark, it increases the appeal of the tree for additional harmful pests: fungal growth and insect infestation.

While Iivy and Kudzu are considered decorative, it strangles trees.

In addition it is like a parasitic effect, also stealing nutrients and water from the very trees it wraps itself around.

It has been known to accelerate tree rot. It has been known to kill trees and may topple trees from the added weight during storms.

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Marietta Tree Care Guide

marietta-tree-serviceA Guide to Caring For Mature Trees In Marietta, Georgia Marietta’s mature trees offer grace, beauty and shade to urban settings. They need to be watered, professionally pruned and protected from diseases just like younger trees do, but the care they receive must be handled differently. Here are steps to take to give any of your maturing Marietta trees, including a variety of oaks, a chance to thrive for many more years. 1. Water Trees with Care The most important thing to do for a mature tree’s health is provide it with the appropriate amount of water. Most Marietta trees will need a deep monthly watering, especially in the absence of a soaking rain.

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Marietta Tree Service Qualifications

Cypress tree fallen after a wind storm Marietta, Georgia, has a sub-tropical climate that is very conducive for growing trees and if you have property in this city, it is more than likely you will have tall trees growing there. Trees do require a fair amount of attention, which may require constantly trimming and pruning them so that they do not interfere with the home you have built. Occasionally, it may also become necessary to have trees removed, when they get diseased, die, cause problems to foundations and drainage, suffer storm damage and where you may require more space for building home extensions for your growing family.

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Remove Your Ivy Before It Kills Your Trees

Ivy removal woodstock gaThe Top 4 Reasons You Need To Trust Your Woodstock Ivy Removal To The Pros Many people have an idea of ivy as a beautiful ground cover that adds an air of english landscape or colonial beauty to a property. While there definitely is something to be said about the beauty of a small amount of ivy, the truth is that in many ways ivy is very invasive plant that can cause an enormous amount of issues on your property. The truth is that far more often than not, it’s important to have the ivy removed from your property. In Cobb County and Cherokee County areas, SCS Trees will be able to help you remove this invasive and hard to kill plant before it becomes a problem that threatens to completely overwhelm your property.

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Marietta Tree Removal Can Help You With Storm Damage

tree removal from storm damage If you’re wanting help from a top reviewed Marietta tree removal company you can use the following advice to start you out. Dealing with storm damage is tough work, and you can count on getting the work done fast. It just takes you going through these guidelines first.

The problem you’ll have with your trees is that if they’re not taken care of before a storm, they can crash into your home or branches can whip around and do some damage.

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Four Important Reasons To Have Trees Evaluated Before Storm

Frozen tree branchWinter storms can do a lot of damage in a short period of time and there are many people who are left unaware of the damage that can be done to their trees when this happens. Your trees should be securely in place and should be protected in a way where the winter storm does not cause massive damage that is irreparable. If you look around during a winter storm, you will notice many trees that have fallen down and been blown away. Make sure this does not happen to your own Marietta trees moving forward. Here are four important reasons why you should be looking to go with the pros when it comes to getting those trees looked at.

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Marietta’s Tree Service Wants To Protect Your Home

trunk with moss and mushroomsTop 3 Reasons To Hire Quality Tree Removal Services In Marietta, Georgia Everyone wants their lawns and their property looking its absolute best, and why not? People should take pride in their home property. The old saying goes that every man’s home is his castle, so why not give your beloved property the royal treatment? Sometimes you need a little bit more than conventional lawn care. We’ve seen plenty of properties where the grass was well cut and the hedges were well trimmed, but you could just tell a few things were off and no amount of surface maintenance would fix it. If you have a large dead tree in your yard or a string of sickly trees on your property, they’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Affordable Tree Removal Marietta

Damage from Tree before tree removal As a homeowner you have a lot of responsibility to maintain and take care of your property. Not only with things like painting the house and mowing the lawn, but there’s proper tree care also.

Some trees if not correctly taken care of can grow out of control and cause serious safety concerns. Trees need to be properly pruned and frequently assessed by an arborist. If the tree is dead or dying it can fall or start loosing limbs that may cause injuries to people or damage your property.

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